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What does a Property Manager in Istanbul Do for You?

What does a Property Manager in Istanbul Do for You?

If you think that you can make good money over your investment without a Property Manager in Istanbul, we suggest you reconsider.

Managing your investment safely and wisely is important as much as affording an investment. For the time you keep it in your hand, it should bring you a satisfying income. When the time comes to convert it into cash, you should be sure the condition of the real estate will not cause a depreciation in value. To be on the safe side, you definitely need a professional property management service.

1. Property Manager markets your property for rent.

What does a Property Manager Do for You

Real estate is a golden goose when you invest in the right one. To get a good income from your investment, you need to pay attention to the marketing process. The property manager provides the promotion of rental property using different platforms. Thanks to their experience, their connections in the market, and their knowledge of the demands of the market, it is possible to reach a wide audience.

2. Property Manager does tenant screening and selection.

Renting your home with a profitable rate is desirable. However, in the rental relationship, you have to transfer a valuable item to the use of a third person who you don’t know. For this reason, it is vital whether the person who will use your property will take care of your property or not and will be meticulous in their payments. The property Manager screens the tenant candidates and chooses the one who fits the requirements.

3. He handles rent collection for you.

A rental contract sets a payment plan for a tenant. However, most of the time, legal papers overshadowed by the daily hustle and bustle. This is why you need a strong reminder on a monthly, weekly basis. A person who follows the rent payment days and maintenance fee payment days. Thanks to such a reminder, you will be sure that every month the expected rent will be in your bank account.

4. Property Manager in Istanbul gives legal advice about tenant & owner relations.

The lease is a totally legal procedure. From start to end, every part of the relationship affects the pursuit of parties’ rights. For the tenants who are unwilling to pay or negligent for the fixture and home itself, a timely and proper response is vital. Otherwise, the investment can lose its value way more then you can imagine. Therefore, to protect your investment, a property manager in Istanbul who can provide legal assistance at the point is required.

5. Property Manager handles property maintenance.

What does a Property Manager Do for You 1

Properties get old by the time. Sometimes because of the nature of use. Sometimes because of the negligence. Whatever the reason is to reduce the effect of the damage, immediate interference is crucial.  Having a professional to handle works for you, keeps your phone silent days and nights.

6. Property Manager manages the move-out process of the tenant.

What does a Property Manager Do for You

Making a rental contract is delightful times. Everyone is happy like it is a honeymoon. The owner receives money, the tenant receives a brand new home’s keys. However, when the time comes to termination of the contract, sometimes the work becomes dirty. In such times, you definitely need the Property Manager in Istanbul to make checks, ask for the required payments done, and receive the keys. This is a headache-free way of earning from your investment.

7. He reminds you of the taxes and insurance renewals.


What does a Property Manager Do for You

Being the owner of a real estate brings some financial responsibilities with itself. Taxation is one of them. As an investor, we are sure that you are aware of taxation responsibility. Because all around the world taxation on real estate ownership is a custom. However, the way of practice varies. Therefore, not to have trouble with the tax office, let a professional Property Manager in Istanbul follow the calendar of the tax office for you.

Getting service from a professional Property Manager in Istanbul makes sure you that your home is miles away safe and secure. If you need assistance with your rental home, contact us today. Talk to our Property Management team and welcome the headache-free days.



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