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Selling Property In Turkey

What happens when you finish with your mortgage and decide to put your property on the market? What are the chances that your property will be sold with the price you have put on it? Are your viewing times suitable for future buyers? Before you sell your property, there are many things to take into account.

You can make sure that you are ready to sell your property by following our seller’s guide.

  1. Property evaluation

Your agents will visit your property and provide you with a sensible market valuation.

  1. Advertise your property

You can list your property through FIN Real Estate’s various market strategies.

  1. Create a difference

You can always rely on your designated agent for recommendations about presenting your property better in the market.

  1. Initial reaction

You must ensure that your property is neat and orderly for proper photography.

  1. Proposal time

Your agent will present every proposal to you and will strive for you to reach your target price.

  1. Getting ready

Your agent will assist you in getting the Memorandum of Understanding ready.

  1. Knowledge

Your designated agent will assist you in every phase of the process from taking care of bank procedures to getting your essential documentation.

  1. Are you away?

You can always give a power of attorney to your agent for a complete, trouble-free experience.

  1. It’s time to transfer

In the last step of the process, you will get together with buyers and brokers to transfer the title deed.