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Renting Property in Turkey

You must consider many elements from completing government registration to the nearness of your child’s school before leasing a property. Before you make anything official, do not forget to follow this useful guide.

  1. Determine a Budget

You should determine your budget and pick an area by searching for properties on the Internet. Will it be near a beach or on a boulevard? Will it be at a tower or have a terrace?

  1. Determine the Size of Your Home

You should determine how much space you wish to allocate for your stuff and your living space as well as deciding other features such as balconies, a landscape, and a swimming pool to satisfy your needs. You may also be ready to compromise on some of your needs.

  1. Get together with our specialists

You will get together with our specialist and visit some properties open for viewings. You should get familiar with each of the properties thoroughly and point out any issue that you may notice during the inspections.

  1. Obtain your property

This is the phase where you must perform some administration procedures. You must get ready to make a down payment and sign the contract. You should review the contract thoroughly before you sign it.

  1. Getting your Residence Permit

In this phase, you will obtain your residence permit and submit your lease contract to the Civil Registry Office. Do not stress about it, your agent will inform you about the process.

  1. Activate utility services

You must activate your utilities such as electricity, water, natural gas and pick an internet service provider. Do not stress about these though, we will assist you in performing all of these tasks.

  1. Time to move in

Take it easy, now it is your property!

Looking for Renting Property in Turkey?

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