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Tenant’s Guide

Verify your license

You must make sure that you are registered in the related department or office. You can always discuss with our business development department and license consultants.

Determine the required size for your office

You must work on the size of your office, the furniture you have and the number of staff.

Determine a Budget

You should determine your budget and pick an area by searching for properties on the Internet. Check for the dues, and consider the taxes.

Make your calculation.

Consider other costs such as utility bills, telephone and internet, monthly dues and taxes.

Obtain your property

You must get ready to make a down payment and sign the contract. You should review the contract thoroughly before you sign it.

Activate utility services

You must activate your utilities such as electricity, water, natural gas and pick an internet service provider. Do not stress about these though, we will assist you in performing all of these tasks.

Time to move in

Take it easy, now it is your property!