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Our main objective at FIN Real Estate is to represent the real estate customers as well as maintaining top-grade service, whole dependability, excellent strategic suggestion, independent examination, and honest assistance.

We are aware of the fact that locating and searching for a new apartment or investment property take a lot of time in Turkey. Therefore, it is best to know where to look for when new real estate properties appear in the market on a daily basis. Having direct access to all real estate in Turkey, FIN Real Estate is the outstanding real estate buyer agency with its buying agent ready and waiting to assist you to discover your perfect real estate opportunity.

Get your one-on-one consultation with a buyer’s agent of FIN Real Estate to talk over your list of desired real estate conditions and you will be presented with a precisely prepared list of promising real estate properties. After planning a route to visit the preferred properties in your final list, FIN Buyer’s agents will guide you during viewings as well as taking every detail into account so that your time will not go to waste.

Our Buyer's Services

We engross ourselves in your benefits and endeavor to offer the top-rated service and practice which allow our buyers to reach and outstrip their planned housing or investment property targets.

  1. We pay attention to realize your housing requirements, desires, and targets.
  2. We examine and divide all real estate properties to classify the most excellent properties only for your exclusive requirements.
  3. As we have been in the industry for many years, our well-established connections transform into an exclusive access for our clients.
  4. We plan and schedule the property visits in accordance with your best availability for viewing.
  5. We assist you with honest assessments about the advantages and disadvantages of the properties that you are interested in.
  6. Analyzing and collecting information on the seller’s viewpoint, and discovering other features of the property that may be for the benefit of the buyer.
  7. A final home walk-through for you to assure and check that everything is going smooth at the closing day.
  8. We assist you during and after the execution of the real estate transaction.

You can wait while a FIN specialist explores, classifies, and delivers the most appropriate properties for sale in Turkey that meet your particular housing requirements: You can ask for a call back or directly call us:

If you wish to purchase a property in Turkey, we are here to provide you with the finest professional assistance which takes your benefits into consideration.

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