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Buyer’s Guide

Verify your license

You must make sure that you are registered in the related department or office. You can always discuss with our business development department and license consultants.


You should survey the properties that you need, which will help you with determining your budget.

Seeing the big picture

You should think of purchasing a wider space than you need because your business may grow or you can just simply lease it.

Discover alternatives

We will organize viewings in accordance with your budget. You should not forget about getting extra information on additional expenses such as air-conditioning, heating…etc


You should carefully read the rules for land use because your business type may not be allowed on the property or there may be some development restrictions.

Got a car?

You should get information about parking space accessibility and prices.

Proposal time

When the proposed price is accepted, a sales contract will be prepared

Bought to lease

If you are purchasing the property to lease it, we ensure that you will find the most suitable lessee.