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Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

It is essential for investors to be informed about the benefits of Turkish citizenship to evaluate the investment program offered to them. Turkey is a modern country that has adopted the constitutional rule of law and the principles of the welfare state. It has a moderate and modern religious understanding, close to Europe with a promising profile. There are countless benefits of Turkish citizenship. However, to give an idea we will be naming major ones.

Accessibility Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

  • No requirements for educational background. There is no restriction related to education. You may be holding a Ph.D. or never get any education at all. That makes no difference to your application.
  • No requirements for Turkish language proficiency. You don’t have to delay the investment to learn language.
  • No requirements for your presence in Turkey. It is not required to be in Turkey for the legal process of application. Therefore, you don’t need to travel to Turkey or have a residence in Turkey. You may prepare a Power of Attorney in a Turkish Consulate to your Turkish attorney at law and leave the rest to your lawyer.
  • No requirements for wealth declaration. You don’t need to declare your wealth.
  • No requirements to prove the source of your income while making the investment in Turkey.
  • No requirements to attend Military Services in Turkey. Unlike the Turkish citizens by birth, Military Service is not required from the Turkish Citizenship Investment Program Applicants.
  • No requirements to give up your Nationally by birth. You may keep your other citizenship(s). Because Turkey allows keeping dual citizenship.
  • No delay for getting Permanent Turkish Passport and ID. You will get Turkish Passport and National Identity Card in the same application.

Financial Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

  • You don’t need to declare your wealth. You will not pay taxes in Turkey unless you don’t earn your wealth in Turkey.
  • Your investment will be refundable AND with considerable PROFIT! Wondering how you can get it back with PROFIT? Please check out Turkish Passport with PROFIT.
  • You will not only get your passport for free. Besides, you can get PROFIT from your investment.

Social Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

  • Turkish passport is visa-free to 77 countries. Also, it provides easier entrance rights to all 26 Schengen Zone Countries.
  • Thanks to the social state clause in the constitution, you will be able to get full free medical assistance. You and all your family members can benefit from public services.
  • Turkey gives the opportunity of free education starting from primary school to university.
  • Turkey is the most developed Muslim country. It offers a democratic and safe environment for your family.
  • Fantastic natural environment Excellent food and rich cuisine Superb Health Facilities
  • Turkey is the party of E-1 Treaty Traders and E-2 Treaty Investors which are signed with the United States of America.
  • Turkey is party to the Ankara Agreement which is signed with the United Kingdom.

Political Benefits of Turkish Citizenship Investment Program

  • Turkey is a Proud Member of:
    • G20
    • NATO
    • OECD

Turkey is a promising country with its profile and young population. Here, Muslim culture is in balance with the secular state. Therefore, everyone can live a life as they wish. Turkey creates a ground for families, businesses to survive and improve themself. If you are seeking a new destination for your family, you may purchase a house valued 250K USD, get citizenship through the investment and live in the house with your family.



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